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Hot Rods Warming Packs (Pair)

Hot Rods Warming Packs (Pair)

Item Code: mly-1100-10r
Regular price: $2.00
Sale price: $1.20
You Save 40%

1 - 4 Pair$1.20 ea.
5 - 9 Pair$1.10 ea.
10 - 19 Pair$1.00 ea.
20 + Pair$0.90 ea.


Quantity Pricing Price per Pair:
  • 1-4 $1.20
  • 5-9 $1.10
  • 10-19 $1.00
  • 20+ $.90

    Sold by the pair.

    The Ultimate Cold Weather Spoilers...
    for keeping your workforce, troop or team warm, comfortable, productive and protected, even in freezing temperatures. Just open outer pouch to activate. Warmers heat up in minutes. Hot Rods all day, air activated, time-release, Hand, Toe, and Large Pocket Warming Packs simply slip into Hot Rods Winter Liners, Hot Rods Winter Acessories, or your gloves, boots, vests and pants pockets. Each lightweight, disposable pouch contains a biodegradable mixture of iron powder, water, vermiculite, cellulose, activated carbon and salt, to create an exothermic oxidation reaction which releases heat as a byproduct when exposed to air. If warming action is not completely exhausted, you can preserve the Warming Packs for days in a zip-seal polybag or airtight container. Safe, dry, clean, odorless and nontoxic. Used by ski patrols, the military, cold weather explorers, hunters and other sports enthusiasts around the world. Economical for every day use.

    Just three minutes extra "uptime" per day (for most outdoor workers) pays for a pair of Hand Warmers, for the day.

    Shelf life four years.

    Most HOT RODS liners have two built-in pockets, proximate to the wearer's ears, which hold HOT RODS regular size Warming Packs. The Warming Packs will stay warm from 7 to 11 hours, depending upon how much oxygen they are exposed to, and will keep the wearer's ears toasty warm. Warming Packs are sold with liners or separately

    Click here for Tips on Keeping Warm & Well and Understanding The Wind Chill Factor

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