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Order Tracking

For tracking information on your recent order please enter your order number below. Then enter EITHER your billing zip code, OR email address from the original order and hit the submit button. The information must match exactly with your order, or the tracking will not display properly.

Most items are shipped from our warehouse and will have a tracking number that you can track automatically. Some items are sent directly from the factory which will take a few days to enter into the system. We update this information daily and will enter the tracking number once we receive it. Typically, products shipped from the factory will take a day or two to ship out.

Check the Status of your Order:
Order number:
Zip Code:

If you are unable to find the information you need online, you might also check your email address that was entered on the original order. All order confirmations are automatically emailed when placed, and then tracking information is emailed from UPS or USPS when shipped.

Lastly, you can send an email to   for a status check. Be sure to enclose all the information you have including the order number, name on order, billing zip code (or address), date order placed, and/or general description of the products ordered. That will assist us in locating your order and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Once again, thank you from all of us at ABC Safetyglasses


Order Tracking